Emmett Barnacle Glass Sculpture

Emmett Barnacle was born in Providence Rhode Island in 1988. He began working in glass in 2007 with Pean Doubulyu Glass and and then with artist Steven Weinberg  before attending Rhode Island School of Design and graduating in 2014 with a BFA in Glass. After graduation he began his own studio in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Other than working on his own work Emmett has worked as a technical assistant for glass artist and sculptor Daniel Clayman for the past few years as well as other freelance work for other artist.



My focus is on architecture and memory, while dealing with the concepts of home and human habitat, as well as our relationship with our surroundings.  Due to my family’s involvement in the real estate industry, architecture and the overall concept of “home” have been a consistent influence for me and a huge part of my life. Within my work, I aim to deal with these subjects through the themes of memory and architecture. For me, glass is the perfect medium to create my sculpture because of its ability to capture a specific memory or moment in time. Much of my work’s focus stems from past experience, architecture, memory, blueprints, ancient civilization, travel, tradition, building, and edged weaponry and cutlery. 

Featuring architectural scenes and cityscapes cast in glass, my work aims to mimic and examine the historic “bare bones” upon which our cities are built. Stylistically interpreted Greco-Roman and Asiatic elements merge, creating playful scenes in lieu of traditional renditions.

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